Minicourse–Notes for The 3rd Summer School on The Theory and Numerics of PDEs

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Published in Chengdu, Sichuan, 2019

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  • Workshop on the theory and numerics of PDEs : Schedule
      • Guanghui Hu (BCSRC) : Direct and inverse time-harmonic wave scattering problems
      • Buyang Li : A convergent evolving finite element algorithm for mean curvature flow of closed surfaces
      • Liang Li : Solution of parametric electromagnetic radiation problems using a residual based POD reduced order method
      • Yibao Li : Direct discretization method for t he Cahn Hilliard equation on surfaces
      • Junliang Lv : Numerical methods for scattering problems in unbounded domain
      • Qinglin Tang : An efficient numerical method to compute the ground state of rotating dipolar Bose Einstein Condensates
      • Hao Wu : Variational approach for learning Markov processes from time series data
      • Kuan Xu : Computing convolutions, the story so far
      • Qinghai Zhang : GePUP: A Fourth order Projec tion Method for Solving the Incompressible Navier Stokes Equations
      • Zhennan Zhou (BICMR) :Towards a mathematical understanding of surface hopping methods